Monday, August 3, 2009

1296 amp, and other things....

Today I built up my 2 watt amplifier for 1296 (23 cm). Basically, the board was built, I just mounted it to an aluminum pallet and built a small brass enclosure, mounted sma connectors and power connection.

I tested the thing out using a reduced voltage. I hit it with 12 volts, the unit takes 20 - 24 volts. Turns out it needs like 15 - 16 volts for it to start working, and of course, I had nothing coming out. A phone call to Mike, WA3TTS confirmed that I needed more voltage. I have a couple of old Dell laptop power supplies that are good for about 20 volts at 2 - 3 amps, which should work ok running this amp, which I will use. I will set that up another day, because I need to make this idiot proof, cuz....well, lets say, I've been known to be an idiot sometimes! ha ha... Dont need 20 volts on the transverter or the IF radio.

I also installed Windows XP on my shack pc. It had Vista in it, and I found that my software defined radio did not work in Vista, and besides, this computer is REALLY slow running Vista. Now everything is working again. Just set up Propnet-PSK again, but I have it set up as a lurker station on 10 meters. I'll get the PTT RS-232 working in the next day or 2.

I also volunteered to help out with a local public service event here in New Middletown tomorrow (tuesday). Theyre having a village "party" at the village park, and it kicks off with a parade. I'm to help organize the parade and provide communications for the parade. I did this last year too. Its one reason amateur radio exists, to provide communications as a public service. I therefore am helping to justify our frequencies by helping out in local events.

Well, I havent been doing that much radio wise lately, as the blog shows. The 1296 rig is still my current project, but its time to start packaging the rig, and putting the system together. Once the 2 watt amp is working, then I'll need to rebuild my 30 watt amplifier, then we'll be pretty well set up. Of course I'll keep you posted! 73 for now...

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