Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Useful Microwave Test Gear

About 6 months ago, I ordered a VFO kit using an Si570 DDS chip.  The unit is self contained with a 2-line display and an optical encoder switch to change frequency down to 1 Hz resolution.  If I recall the specs on the Si570, I believe it is accurate to 25ppm.  It puts out 10 dBm from 3.5 - about 260 MHz.  There are other models which go all the way up to 1400 MHz.  I got the lowest cost unit that goes to 260 MHz, which is adequate for its intended purpose.  The units are available on

I bought it so that I can use it as a reference oscillator for various brick oscillators.  I have 2 bricks in my possession, one on L band, the other on 6200 or so MHz.

Here is a test setup showing the unit in operation, referencing my L band brick:

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